Login to Phoenix Hosting Customer Portal

The Phoenix Hosting Customer Portal is designed to make managing all aspects of your account with us both simple and secure. You may want to bookmark the following link for quick and easy access.

Login at Customer Portal 

In most cases, the email address the login form asks for is the same email address that you receive billing notifications and invoices from Phoenix Hosting at. (Note: once you have logged in you can add additional contacts and grant specific permissions to them by following the instructions located here: Adding Secondary Contacts to Your Account Profile. We like to call it a "Plan B".)

If you do not know the password associated with your Phoenix Hosting account, you can simply click the "Forgot Password?" button. The system will generate a temporary password and send it to you via email. You must login with your email address and the temporary password first before you can change the password to something more personal.

Important notes on passwords for the customer portal.

  • This password most likely is not the same as your email password. In fact, given the personal and sensitive nature of the information available through the customer portal, this password should be different from your email password and more complex. We suggest a password of at least 10 characters, and a mixture of UPPERCASE, lowercase, numbers and symbols.
  • Any person who has your account's primary password has the ability to make changes to your account with us, including billing changes, unauthorized domain name changes and manipulation of your services with us. For this reason, we highly recommend creating a secondary contact for any person or department that may need limited access to your account.
  • For security purposes, Phoenix Hosting cannot retrieve client portal passwords or any other passwords on our systems.

After successfully logging in, you will be presented with a dashboard screen that resembles the image below.

clientarea home page

At a glance, you can see any outstanding invoices, open support tickets, your account profile information and a general overview of Phoenix Hosting news and your account with us. The 4 tiles across the top -- |SERVICES| |DOMAINS| |TICKETS| |INVOICES| -- are quick links that allow you to jump directly to the most important aspects of your account with us. Each of these will be covered in future knowledgebase articles.

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