Phoenix Hosting & VoIP - Details, VoIP Service

Our cloud-based Voice-over IP platform provides the technology and and all the features you need to give your business communications an immediate and lasting upgrade. Ditch the dinosaur phone companies that still offer obsolete technology and expect you to be happy with it. Using your current Internet connection, Phoenix VoIP caters to all of your communication needs with features such as a single phone number for your customers to reach you (Find Me), voice mail to text or email, video conferencing and more. All for just $25.00 per month, per line.

What Can Phoenix Hosting & VoIP do for your business communications?

Streamline your communications.
VoIP technology replaces traditional telephony services with internet-based, enhanced service options. All your incoming phone calls, faxes and voice mail are routed to our hosted PBX solution. You can even send business branded text messages from your personal mobile device without revealing your personal cell phone number via our always-on customer portal. Control call routing, after hours messaging and even which extensions ring when through our easy to use app.

Save money.
You save money by eliminating the need for a telco closet in your office - not to mention the guy or girl that knows how to make heads or tails of the expanse of wires and the punch panel - and by the generally lower pricing available per line from a VoIP provider such as Phoenix VoIP.

Work anywhere.
Using VoIP, you can integrate your voice and data into a single network. VoIP allows you to work from anywhere seamlessly, as if you were sitting at your desk in the office. Enhanced call management and extended voice mail options are built into the service, and the technology provides for rapid expansion of lines and services.

Ditch the dinosaur phone companies. Let Phoenix VoIP show you the future of business communications. Call us today at 602-553-8966.