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Occasionally, our site at http://phxhosting.net may be unavailable due to forces beyond our control such as power outages, connection and routing issues, or scheduled maintenance on systems and servers. Whenever that is the case, we will be posting notices on Facebook and Twitter to keep you informed. For periods of extended outage (expected to ... Read More »

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Phoenix Hostng now does Web Design and SEO! You've entrusted us with hosting your website. Let us help you with a new design and SEO promotion, in addition to setting up pages on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ social media for your business. Details are here ...

Jul 18th New Domain Extensions Available as of July 17, 2016

Forty-seven years ago this week, NASA, using the equivalent of "stone knives and bear skins" (thank you, Mr. Spock), landed the first men on the moon. Most of us here at Phoenix Hosting are old enough to remember the start of the .SPACE program. Talk about .COOL! It's funny, the .TECHNOLOGY used back then could have been replaced—and ... Read More »

Jul 4th New Domain Extensions Available as of July 3rd, 2016

Welcome to July! NFL training camps are just around the corner, which means the return of .FOOTBALL! Go Cards! (You could say we are big .FANS.)Of course, .FUTBOL, or .SOCCER, as it is known in the States, is already in full swing.And, if you have several hours to kill (and you go early here in Arizona), you could always "chase a little ball ... Read More »