Yes, that was us.

Over the week of May 16-21, 2016, you may have seen an email that looked similar to the text below.

Your primary email address changed from "" to "". 

If you initiated this change, disregard this email. If you did not initiate this change, contact your system administrator.

Where did the email come from?

The email was generated by the Phoenix Hosting web servers. It is legitimate and IS NOT a phishing attempt to steal your information.

Why did I get this email?

In most cases, you received the email because

  1. You have a hosting account on our servers and
  2. The Contact Email field on your hosting account was blank.

When we migrated off the old Plesk servers last fall, the primary contact email information did not transfer to the new cPanel servers because of the structure differences between the two systems. The Phoenix Hosting staff has begun manually inputting that information on the new servers. The server is configured to send out a notice on any change of this sort, which leads us to the reasons for implementing this change.

Why was this change necessary?

  1. The cPanel control panel is designed to provide useful information to both website owners and hosting providers -- you and us. As you can see from the message you received, the system will notify you of important changes to your account.
  2. With the Contact Email present, you now have the ability to change login/FTP passwords for your website. By clicking the "Reset Password" link, the hosting server will send a link to your email address for you to enter a new password. You also have the ability to change the Contact Email address once you are logged in.
  3. It allows us to contact everyone on an individual server in the case of scheduled maintenance or other issues you need to be aware of.

We apologize for the confusion.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

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