Phoenix Hosting & Voip - The Firebird Hosting Plan

The Firebird

The Firebird hosting plan from Phoenix Hosting may well be the last hosting plan you will ever need. Generous amounts of disk space, email addresses and distinct domain names provide ample room for growth for your business(es).

With this plan, you can host up to 10 domain names with us, all under a single hosting plan. You get up to 50 email addresses, 10 Gigabytes of storage space. Your bandwidth is unmetered (meaning no charge) below 30 Gibabytes per month. We'll also include an SSL certificate at no extra charge so Google Chrome and other browsers won't scare away your customers with the "Unsecure" warnings.

This plan is perfect for small businesses that may have multiple domains that reflect different aspects of the business or that cater to different groups and demographics. For instance, a real estate agent could utilize this plan to host their main domain and personal domains for several of their individual agents, or properties. Or a restaurant with multiple locations might have a domain for each location, a domain for employee training and a recipe blog. This plan has the built in space and functionality to accomodate those options.

Our servers run cPanel on Linux, providing stability, reliability and ease of use.