The Boss Has Lost His Mind!

From now until February 18, for the rest of 2018, you can take advantage of his mental vacation. Pay just $20.18 for hosting for an entire year. You get 10GB storage, 10 email addresses and unlimited traffic.

Hosting Special

$20.18 for 2018
— 10GB Storage
— 2 Websites
— 10 Email - 200 Mg each
— $20.18 Annual Price

COLO Special

$20.18/U per Month
— Includes power, rackspace
— Month-to-month lease
— Bandwidth Included
— 24th St. Facility Only

the phoenix

— storage
— domain names
— email addresses

the phxhostling - $ 3.99/mo

Have only 1 Domain name? This is the plan you need. Perfect for blogs and small websites. One GB storage, 10 email addresses, just $3.99/mo.

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The boss emerged from his office the other day, carrying a pair of scissors and his laptop. The homepage of our website was visible on the display screen. He set the portable computer down on the desk while still retaining possession of the sharper, more dangerous scissors.

"Look at these hosting prices!" he exclaimed. "We need to slash them", he continued while making a stabbing motion with the scissors.

Needless to say, we complied in a hurry while surreptitiously attempting to dial 9-1-1 on our cell phones.

After looking at our efforts, he became even more agitated.

"No, no, no, no!" he shouted, waving the scissors wildly, slashing the air. "I mean smash them down. Make our hosting prices so low that people just can't say no." Apparently he didn't realize that he had just used that word four times in a row.

It took multiple attempts to appease him and when we finally did, these are the numbers he was happy with—at least for now:

$20.18 for an entire year of hosting
$20.18 for 1U/per month Colocation service
$20.18 for 2 year registration for any new .com domain

Not sure yet why he is so hung up on the $20.18 thing, but he must have been happy. He went running down the hall waving the scissors above his head and singing something about a "Crazy Train".

We'll have more details on these specials posted shortly. Right now, it's time for his nap.

Are you a web designer or developer? Do you manage your customers' domains and hosting accounts? Our Reseller Hosting plans give you all the control you need. White label control panel; up to 120GB storage; unlimited email, FTP and subdomains.

pre grand opening special. unlimited hosting package for less than half price

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