Phoenix Hosting Reseller Plans Overview

You've probably seen reseller hosting plans from other web hosting providers. You know the ones -- you pay an annual fee to buy in for the privilege of getting discounted domain registrations and other services. But you still have to pay for each hosting plan you set up for your clients.

The Phoenix Hosting Reseller Hosting plans are different. There is no annual "buy in" fee. There is no additional charge for each site you want to host on our machines. Each of your clients can have their own hosting plan with limits that you determine based on their needs and yours. We charge you a single, low monthly hosting fee and you are free to charge your clients whatever you want for their hosting with you.

Build your brand with our white label control panel. We give you the ability to structure your log in screens so your customers will see your business name and not ours. With your primary control panel log in, you have direct access to any of your customers' sites to set up a new email for them, add an additional FTP account or create a new database for the new piece of software you are installing for them.

Phoenix Hosting also provides you the ability to customize a news feed specifically for your clients when they log into their hosting control panel so you can keep them informed and up to date with the latest happenings at your company.

Additional Features Include

  • — Prices starting at just $1.00 per day
  • — Discounted Domain Registrations
  • — Video tutorials and detailed how-tos
  • — Ability to upgrade seamlessly as your business grows
  • — Ability to suspend accounts when needed
  • — Define packages and feature lists that make creating new accounts a breeze
  • — Phone and ticket based technical support
  • — Hundreds of additional software installs with the click of a button
  • — At least 1 dedicated IPv4 address to help isolate and secure your account
  • — Create and manage mailing lists right from your hosting account
  • — The ability to add SSL certificates for you and your clients
  • — DNS control for updating MX, CNAME and A records

Start (or enhance) your own web hosting company today with Phoenix Hosting.