Feb 24th Upcoming Maintenance Windows

Over the next several days, we anticipate a handful of brief maintenance windows as we update the server and the software that runs our client portal system. We will try and keep you apprised here and at our Facebook page as to when and approximately how long. Among other things, these changes are expected to provide enhanced security, better ... Read More »

Feb 13th Google Requiring SSL Certificates

As of January, 2017, Google is requiring all sites that collect any information from site visitors to have an SSL Certificate installed. This is more than just sites that collect payment and shipping information; it includes blog comments, email sign up for newsletters and any instance of asking a visitor to fill out and submit any form on your ... Read More »

Feb 3rd "RSET" error in webmail with attachments

The RSET error some of our customers are experiencing when attempting to send an email with an attachment larger than 1Mb is related to a programming issue between the hosting control panel software we use (cPanel) and one of the mail programs (Horde webmail). There is a team from both providers working on a solution. In the meantime, we recommend ... Read More »